Milk replacers for lambs and kids

Halavit is a pioneer in the development of Lamb Milk Replacer, customized for the nutritional needs and interfaces of the Israeli sheep industry. Halavit for lambs is characterized by outstanding flows and solubility and can be used by automated feeders.

  • Halavit 335

    HALAVIT 335 is a premium quality milk replacer, contain high level of skimmed milk powder, whey powder, and high quality fats including high coconut

  • Halavit Classic

    HALAVIT CLASSIC is a balanced, safe and economic formula for kids and lambs, contain high quality dairy components, high quality fats and antioxidant

  • Halavit 335 Express

    HALAVIT EXPRESS is a high quality special formulation with high level of milk ingredients including whey powders and skimmed milk powder, high quality