Technology and high-quality ingredients

Our ingredients for success

Halavit uses state-of-the-art technologies to process a range of milk replacers for different animals growing in different conditions.

Just like infant formulas, animal milk replacers replace mother’s milk and are classified as “whole food” – food from which animals gain exclusive sustenance during their nursing period. The planning and balancing of the dairy substitute formula is critical.

Halavit’s chief technology, in cooperation with veterinary consultants and experts in animal nutrition, is responsible for the planning, on the basis of the extensive experience and knowhow of the company’s staff.

The company’s research and development department cooperates with government, veterinary, and private farmers. The company utilizes an advanced certified laboratory to test the raw materials and finished dairy supplements. The laboratory carries out a wide range of tests of the dairy supplements and finished products, including:

  • Composition of the ingredient – percentage of protein, fat, ash, cellulose, lactose, vitamins and minerals, and moisture.
  • Quality of the ingredient – microbiology (general count, molds, preservatives, coliforms, salmonella), PH cleanliness
  • Organoleptic tests – color, taste, smell, and texture metrics

When the ingredients are approved, after meeting the strictest standards, a formulation is determined that combines the optimal quantities of the nutritional ingredients needed for the young animal.

Based on the needs of the farmers, Halavit also adds probiotics and prebiotics, anti-diarrhea additives.