About Halavit

A tradition of innovation

Halavit is a leading longstanding producer of milk replacers for calves, lambs, foals and piglets.

Founded in 1963, Halavit integrates knowhow, experience, and innovation to create a wide range of quality milk replacers for different needs and purposes. The company’s milk replacers are rich in protein and energy with high nutritional value that help strengthen in immune system, growth, and development of young animals. The company’s products substantially save feed costs: one kilogram of the milk replacers is equivalent to eight liters of original milk.

Halavit is a subsidiary of Maabarot Products Ltd., Israel’s leading human and animal food and nutritional supplements development, production, and marketing company. Other Maabarot Products companies include Altman Health, Biopet, Materna, Anlit, and Laboratoria Natury in Poland.

Being a part of this group, with its extensive knowhow and experience, enables Halavit to use state-of-the-art technologies. All the raw materials and finished milk replacers are tested in the advanced certified laboratories of Maabarot Products.

Halavit’s research and development department cooperates with government researchers, veterinarians, and private farmers. The department develops smart formula milk replacers that meet the needs of diverse and changing customers. One of the company’s products, developed in 2012, is a unique nutritional blend, in easily digested pellet form, for calves and lambs, which are close to being weaned.

All Halavit products are manufactured and packaged under quality assurance of the world’s strictest standards, including ISO 9001/2008 and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety standard.

Halavit’s accumulated experience and knowhow, its constant development of innovative products of the highest quality, comprehensive response to diverse needs, and fast and dedicated service are the foundations on which the company is built, has kept it the country’s animal milk replacers leader for many years, and keeps it looking forward to new challenges.