History – 60 years of leadership in Israel

Until the mid-1960s, the kibbutz economy mainly rested on agriculture: dairy farming, poultry, fish pools, field crops, orchards, and groves.

It is therefore no wonder that the first kibbutz industry was a plant to produce milk replacers for young animals. Farmers’ extensive knowledge, together with a wish to improve animal growth while lowering the cost, resulted in kibbutz members to establish a pioneering plant in the Kibbutz Movement and Israel.

Milestones in Halavit’s history:

the company is founded by Maabarot Products, and establishes a milk replacers plant in Bnei Brak, based on Dutch knowhow.


the company merges with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries under the name Assia Maabarot. The merged continued until 1987. During this time, Halavit also sold supplementary veterinary products, such as soluble medicines, formulas, and premixes.


Halavit’s parent company, Maabarot Products, establishes an agricultural department, which manufactures, markets, and sells animal milk replacers and other veterinary products. The department develops additional milk replacers for calves and lambs, piglets, colts, and even elephants.


Halavit signs a cooperation agreement with Kopolek Ltd. (now Phibro Israel Ltd.), the local arm of Phibro Animal Health Corporation of the United States, which is the exclusive distributor and marketer of animal milk replacers under the Halavit branch. The products are sold to moshavim, kibbutzim, and a range of farmers across the country.


Halavit is Israel’s leading producer of animal dairy substitutes, and is also an exporter. The company has a strong reputation among Israeli farmers, based on it more than half a century of quality, reliability, and professionalism.