Milk replacers for calves

Israeli dairy farming is well known worldwide for its high yielding cows and  advanced dairy technologies.

We are proud to be an essential part of  Israeli farming providing the first and the only nutritional source (after colostrum) that the new-born receives in its first days.

  • Halavit 440

    HALAVIT 440 is premium quality milk replacer contain milk powder, dried by spray method, high quality fats, rich in vitamins and minerals and high energy

  • Halavit Health

    Contains an additive against natural nutritional diarrhea. The formula also includes a high level of Vitamin E, which strengthens

  • Halavit 100

    Halavit 100 is a cost effective and safe growth milk replacer. Halavit 100 contains high quality & highly digestible dairy components. It is readily

  • Halavit Mondial

    Safe and balances formulation, contain high quality whey powders, skimmed milk powder, high quality fats and antioxidant agents, rich in vitamins and

  • HALAVIT 440+”OmniGen”

    Our premium CMR with a patented nutritional specialty product OmniGen-AF, is recommended to be fed to dairy cattle every day to help support healthy

  • Halavit Silver

    A protein and fat-rich Milk Replacer that contains milk powder combined with high-quality vegetable proteins. Contains 65% milk protein

  • Halavit Gold

    High quality milk replacer, contains high quality whey powders, skimmed milk powder, dried by spray method, high quality soluble vegetable protein,